Updating is a Wordpress related question, so you might want to read up on the latest for updates on wordpress.org; This article briefly describes the basics up updating as applies to our plugin.

IMPORTANT NOTE BEFORE YOU START: always back up all your files and data so that you can restore if something goes wrong. While there should be no data loss in the process, we cannot guarantee how your website will behave. Besides, backing up regularly is a website 101 for you and your web admin.

There are two different approaches- via FTP and via WP dashboard. They are slightly different, so don't mix them up!

Process 1 through WP Dashboard (this example is done on plugin, but can be used for theme as well):

1) Delete current packages: Login to your dashboard and navigate to: Plugins; Deactivate and Delete the plugin you want to update

2) Upload new packages: Dashboard -> Plugins -> add new -> Upload plugin -> select the file you were sent

3) Active the package: Plugins -> activate

NOTE: if something does not work, try deactivating and activating the plugin again. If that does not help, contact support

Process 2 through FTP:

There are no pics as that depends on the FTP client you are using

Again, Don't forget to back up!

1) login to your FTP where your WP installation is located

2) go to wp-content/plugins (go to /themes if you're updating a theme)

3) delete the directory "carrental" (if you are updating the plugin; for other plugins, delete respective folder)

4) unpack the zip file you got from us and copy it in place of the folder you deleted

5) login to your WP dashboard and make you deactivate and activate the newly copied plugin;  this is crucial as it lets the database update and you can use new functions then.