First a bit of theory to explain how all works:

To learn how to set up season breaks, scroll down to the end.


Before v3.1.13, our software worked only with the following NO SEASON BREAKS logic:

-> whichever pricing scheme higher on the priority list and is within ANY of the the dates of the rental will be used. Consider following example (date format= yyyy-mm-dd):

So, rental examples:

March 30-April 2 = Economy (Days are within Economy and Hybrid range, but Economy is the highest on the list)

March 30- May 2= Economy (Days are within Economy, Luxury and Hybrid, but Economy is the highest)

April 1- April 30= Hybrid (Days within Hybrid only)

April 1- May 1= Luxury (Days within Luxury and Hybrid, Luxury higher on the list)


Based on recent requests of clients, we implemented V1 season break logic starting with plugin v3.1.13 with the following parameters:

-> depending on the length of rental, program will decide which price to take from the system (10-day rental will take a 10th day price from relevant pricing and apply it). So, if you have 5 days April season and 5 days May season, it will calculate 5*10th day price from APril + 5*10th day price from May. Consider the same setup example as in pic above (date format= yyyy-mm-dd) and change in calculation logic

So, rental examples:

March 30-April 2 (3 days) = program will take the 3-day price from the following pricing schemes: 2*Economy+1*Hybrid

March 30- May 2 (33 days)= program will take the 33-day price from the following pricing schemes: 2*Economy+30*Hybrid+1*Luxury

April 1- April 30 (29 days) = 29*Hybrid (Days within Hybrid only)

April 1- May 3 (32 days) = 30*Hybrid + 2*Luxury



Other things to note:

-> Taxes are taken based on the first day of rental

-> max and min price is taken based on first day of rental

-> make sure you enable season breaks in settings to make season breaks work under ecalypse rental -> settings -> "Use season breaks?"