1. Setting up default bookings status

The Ecalypse rental plugin let's you assign statuses to bookings. It also lets you set up which status to automatically assign to new bookings. Please note that all bookings paid online will automatically be marked as "confirmed". This setting cannot be changed.

For bookings that are paid offline, you can change the default status by going to Ecalypse rental -> settings -> scroll down a bit and select the default status you want to assign: 

2. Setting up status email wording

Depending on the status that is assigned to a booking a corresponding email can be sent to clients. This email is sent automatically upon a reservation or can be sent manually (more on that later).

Wording on the emails can be changed by going to 
Ecalypse rental -> translations -> select the language of choice -> click the email which you want changed.

3. Modifying booking status and resending email

You can adjust booking status by going to:
Ecalypse rental -> booking -> find the booking you want (you can search by return date by changing dates as well) -> click modify

Once you are editing the booking, you can change the status and then:

1) save the whole booking (this will not send the corresponding email)

2) Send the whole booking and send relevant status email -> this will save the booking and send corresponding status email

3) Leave the booking without saving

System/version demonstrated: Ecalypse rental v3.1.15