Business hours can be set up in Branches. You need to have a branch set up to set up or modify business hours.

Note: To set up a branch, go to Ecalypse rental -> Branches -> Add new branch.

Business hours are set up when modifying a Branch/location.

The Business hours must be set up in the following format only: "HH:MM". As an example "20:00".

No other format will work! So, the following examples will not work: "20" "20.00" "8" "8pm" etc.

Our plugin is set up to accommodate for joint business hours (i.e. from morning until night) as well as for business hours with "siesta" (there is a break during the day).

How to set up joint business hours. In this example, office is open from 10am to 4pm on Monday:

If you want to set up Siesta business hours, you can see the following example on Tuesday (10am-4pm and 6pm-10pm) -> It will be possible to accept reservations during this time; Client will be able to pick up or return during the periods specified. Client will not be able to pick up or return at 5pm.