To set up VAT rates correctly, you need to first go to settings, then to pricing.

In step 1, you set up how rates will work:

TAX1, TAX2, TAX3 means tax rate in %; Enter values such as 20, 15, etc.; this determines possible tax rates that you work with (note: you don't need to use all rates for all pricing schemes all the time. Some pricing schemes can only have 20% rate, some can only have 15%, or some can have all-> see pic 2 for explanation)

VAT calculation is the logic that you use for calculation based on the formula described in the brackets

Show prices with VAT - determines whether prices will appear with or without VAT in search results.

BUT WAIT, you need to go through step 2 as well (see pic 2)

Step 2:

Note: this assumes you already created a pricing scheme.

Go to Ecalypse rental -> pricing -> modify -> scroll down and select which rate will be applied to this pricing scheme. You can select none, some or all:


Useful tip: if you want to change this quickly for multiple schemes, do not open and save them one by one. Open all pricing schemes in multiple tabs at once and save them as you go through the tabs. This will save a lot of time.

version: 3.0.3+