[ecalypse_rental_category id="5"] - list cars from category ID 5; if you want to mix multiple categories, the correct format is: [ecalypse_rental_category id=2,3]

[ecalypse_rental_cars] - list all cars (like our-cars)

[ecalypse_rental_manage_booking] - show manage booking form

[ecalypse_rental_locations] - list all locations

[ecalypse_rental_fleet id="1"] - box with fleet id = 1

[ecalypse_rental_book_box width="400"] - include booking form with width of 400px

[ecalypse_rental_currency_selector] - include currency selector (this shortcode is not in the regular theme)

from version 3.0.3, you can add the language selector; this will switch language on the whole site. Example shortcode:
[ecalypse_rental_cars lng="en"]

All shortcodes support language selector except for [ecalypse_rental_currency_selector]

If there are more parameters in a short code (such as box width and language), you can insert them in any order:
Example: [ecalypse_rental_fleet id="1" lng="en"] or [ecalypse_rental_fleet lng="en" id="1"]