Q. My car is "unavailable" when I try to test it on the front end but it shouldn't be. Why? 

A. One of our features is that when your pricing scheme is inactive in certain times the car will be unavailable. This means that you'll need to check a few places first to make sure that your car is available when it should be. Our step by step guide should help you figure out why your car isn't available when it should be. 

People generally start building their website from "fleet" but we recommend a different order. 

1. First, take a moment to fill in your basic details in the settings page first, including currency (this is quite important!). You can always change your settings later. 

2. The second step is to add your location(s) under: Branches. Make sure you add your opening hours, as people will be unable to pick-up or drop-off a car outside of your opening hours. 

3. Now it's time to add your pricing schemes. You can start off with a few basic pricing schemes and then later modify or delete them. 

This is what a pricing scheme generally looks like:

a) First go to Car Rental -> Pricing -> Add New

b) Give it a name, set your currency.

c) Set up a pricing scheme. In the image above is a basic pricing scheme where every 7 days the price per day decreases. Some important things to note are:

-Don't overlap the days. You can see I have 1 to 6, then 7 to 13..etc. 

-Remember it's a per day price, and you're setting up the daily pricing scheme based on how long the rental is. In my pricing scheme at 7 days it is 38 dollars per day... so 7x38 = 266 euros in total. 

-If you set up a pricing scheme, the last day possible (on my example this is 32) is also the longest possible rental time. It works both ways, so if you were to start at 2, then 2 days would be the minimum rental time for this pricing scheme. , the

d) Set which days your pricing scheme is active. Again, if your pricing scheme isn't active on a certain day, the car will not be available for rent 

c) Lastly, the most important step is to make sure the pricing scheme is active! 

4. Now you can finally take a look at "fleet"!


a) You can see here I've added my first car, I've given it a name and category, and there are many settings on this page you can play around with. Settings not listed here are not necessary for the car to be rentable. 

b) You must set up your current location. 

c) You must give the car a pricing scheme. 

-Global Pricing Scheme: the fall back pricing scheme if no other pricing scheme is active or usable. For now you can use this one. 

-Pricing scheme: useable as well, and you can even add multiple pricing schemes here with different time periods when it should be active for (so in summer you can increase prices, for example). 

d) Publish it! 

If this doesn't help, you can always send us an e-mail.